EPA completes scoping process for Erlin Base

2015-07-25 16:09

EPA completes scoping process for Erlin Base


By Sean Lin  /  Staff reporter



The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) yesterday finished the scoping process for the Central Taiwan Science Park’s (CTSP) Erlin Base (二林) in Changhua County.

Under the agreements reached during scoping meetings, the Central Taiwan Science Park Administration must conduct analyses of potential effluents, fumes, noise and heavy metal buildup in marine life in the waters off the estuary of the Jhuoshuei River (濁水溪) after carrying out simulations of on-site operations.

Although only one firm, a medical equipment manufacturer, has expressed an interest in establishing a plant at the site since the location was announced for the science park’s fourth-phase expansion in 2008, the analyses should be conducted assuming the park is operating at its full capacity, the EPA said.

In addition, a health risk assessment of residents living within a 15km radius of the base is to be administered, the agency ruled.

Changhua County Environmental Protection Union director Shih Yueh-yinig (施月英) took issue with the way officials assessed alternatives to the construction of an outflow pipe. The proposed pipe currently extends to a zone where seawater is 20m deep, but Shih said that officials from the EPA and the science park should not rule out the possibility of building the pipe to the low-tide line, which is closer to the shore.

Even though the first alternative would be more efficient in diluting seawater, CTSP officials during a previous session cited potential technical difficulties accompanying the option, she said.

She also asked science park officials to assess land to vegetation and flood retention pools required for the expansion plan.



Despite the environmentalist’s vehement protests, the Environmental Impact Assessment committee ended the scoping meeting without considering her suggestions.



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